Shady's Site


Hi, I go by Shady online. Any projects I'm actively working on/previously worked on will be shown in the next section. I've been using GNU systems for years and have a good understanding of how to maintain and use GNU/Linux systems. I used to moderate several small discord communties, now I'm just somone who uses the platform too often.


unc0ver dark - an iOS 11.0-12.1.2 jailbreak that is designed to encourage user choice. I initally worked on the project solo, before bringing in a group of very talented developers and designers. Our discord server has grown to be over 600 members, and the project has some recognition on reddit.

Lo-Fi - Discord Bot. This bot was written initally as a learning experience, and to replace an indevelopment bot for another discord server. The bot became the main bot of the unc0ver dark discord and has a few commnads that only make sense in the context of that server because of it.

ES - Upcoming, June 15th. Watch this space.